Kitchen Pantry Design Ideas : Combine Of Style And Function

Below are some beautiful kitchen pantry design ideas. Great combination of  design and function on your small kitchen.

PullOut Pantry

Pull Out PantryPullOut pantry provide easy access as well as favorable, especially in the kitchen is not too wide. You also can group the items as needed.

PullOut Semi Transparant

Pull Out Semi TransparantPantry is not so much different than the usual pullout pantry, but if you want it to be more stylish, you can use a frosted-glass front. Or if you want to show off the contents of cabinets, you can use clear glass, textured glass or seeded.

PullOut Drawers

Pull Out DrawersAs pullout pantry in general, this pantry also provides plenty of room for your necessities. Drawer on this pantry can be a grouping of your goods.

Custom Pantry Storage

Custom Pantry StorageThis pantry storage can be placed anywhere near the kitchen. With its large and high, the food, your appliances will fit in it and you probably will not need a pantry again.

Frosted Glass Pantry Door

Frosted Glass Door PantryAdd a cool and unique impression with frosted glass pantry door. Pantry is a place of storage and decorative space.

Basket Pantry

Basket PantryAlmost similar to the pantry drawer, it’s just basket as a choice from a shelter. You can choose a wicker basket or basket made of stainless steel or chrome. In fact, both would not be a problem.

Corner Pantry

Corner PantryThe remaining unused space could be a pantry, especially the corner space. Ease of access and outreach in this corner pantry kitchen will support your activities.

Reach In Cupboard

Reach In CupboardAppliances become one with the cabinet in it. If so, you no longer need the space for the toaster, or coffee maker. Then, simply make the bread in the toaster near the cabinet. So unique!.

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Lazy Suzan Style Pantry

Lazy Suzan Style PantryOffer easy access and visibility of contents. The curved side make it blend in with kitchen cabinetry. Outreach will be more convenient and attractive

Split Door

Split Door PantryIf the width of the cabinet doors can sometimes interfere with saving space and beauty of appearance, try to position the open door into the pantry. Pantry of this type is perfect paired with a walk in pantry.