Kitchen Cabinet Stains

Kitchen Cabinet Stains – Changing the look of a kitchen is as easy as changing the color of the cabinets. Staining your kitchen cabinets is the easiest way to do so. Perhaps you don’t have the funds at the moment to plop down on new kitchen cabinets. If you’re cabinets are structurally sound, there are several ways you can breathe new life into your existing cabinets.

Painting or staining over the current finish can make it look and feel like you’ve purchased a new kitchen cabinets. The prep work to do kitchen cabinet stains probably the hardest part yet the most important. Don’t skimp on the work needed to get the cabinets ready for a new paint or stain.

Kitchen cabinet stains

Kitchen Cabinet Stains Tips

If cabinets are new and unfinished, it is easy to get the color of wood that one wants to acquire. However, if the cabinets have paint on them, remove all of the paint before applying stain. Also, remember to remove all of the doors, drawers, hardware and hinges first before you begin the project. It is much easier to work with a table so you place close by to keep everything organized.

Completely new incomplete cabinets are simple to use. Go to a local home improvement center to discover what colour of stain you’ll need. Various kinds of wood will stain in a different way. Oak is an extremely light colored wood and cherry is really a dark wood. To alter the colour, compare the blocks of wood displayed towards the same wood you’ve. The colour might be just a little not the same as a specific item at the shop, but it will likely be close. If at all possible, bring an image of the cabinets to obtain idea the way the stain can look in it.

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Kitchen cabinet stains

Kitchen cabinet stains

Kitchen cabinet stains

Preparation is vital for kitchen cabinet stains. Right before using any stain, use 120 grit sandpaper to sand the cabinets the first time, go return over these with a 220 grit sandpaper, wipe them clean getting a moist rag and invite them time to dry completely before adding the stain. An affordable group of latex mitts will safeguard the hands and rehearse a vinyl tablecloth just like a place to put your cabinet entrance doors on when using the stain as well as to enable them to dry. Getting stain concerning the vinyl cloth is more suitable to about the good table, or your porcelain tile.

Kitchen cabinet stains colors

An excellent stain applier is definitely an old cotton t-shirt. Dip a large part from the shirt in to the stain and ring it sufficient so it doesn’t drip about the wood. Drainage about the wood might be tough to blend later. In small circular motions, add the stain. When you are getting a place done, return regarding this without adding more stain towards the cloth, rubbing when it comes to the grain with lengthy edge-to-edge strokes. This helps to guarantee the stain is identical color throughout that area. It is best to include minimal stain, however in several layers. With the addition of one thin layer of stain, when the color isn’t dark enough, you can easily give a second layer making it more dark. Should you add the stain heavy and obtain a dark look immediately, there’s no method of getting it lighter without re-sanding the whole area again.

When the stain is dry, that is usually about following a day, after this you can also add a few jackets of protective memory, that will also allow it to be simpler to wash. @ Kitchen cabinet stains.

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