Ideas For Unique Kitchen Furniture Storage

Even a large kitchen needs ideas for unique kitchen furniture storage to prevent the cook from having to move around large areas during meal preparation, while small kitchen owners can benefit by maximizing storage space for convenience and organization. Strategic or organizational changes will make any kitchen feel and operate more like your dream kitchen.

Kitchen Furniture Cart Idea

Kitchen Furniture Cart Idea

Cereal Dispensers: Wall-mounted cereal dispensers can hold dry foods such as flour, sugar, oats, noodles and more, freeing up valuable shelf space. Dispensing is easy with the pull or turn of a handle. You’ll no longer have to struggle with finding, removing, opening, closing and replacing a box or bag on a shelf.

Tool Cabinet Cart: Turn a rolling tool cabinet into a sturdy and unique kitchen cart. Add a cutting board to the top for a perfect work surface. Tool carts are designed for organization and can lock to prevent children from accessing contents. Tool carts come in a variety of colors including brushed metal, red, orange, black, blue and pink.

Magnetic Tins: Spices, teas and other small items are easier to reach when stored in small tin canisters hung on a magnetic strip installed on a wall, the side of a cabinet, inside a cabinet door or the side of the refrigerator.

Pull-Outs: Dead space to the side of the refrigerator can be reclaimed by creating a pull-out cabinet, with shelves designed to hold canned goods or cleaning supplies. When it is too difficult to reach into the back of a base cabinet, replacing the doors with a drawer-like pull-out that bring items out to you will instantly make the rear storage space of the cabinets accessible. This could easily double the amount of space you regularly use. Another unique idea to increase work space: Add a top shelf to a bottom cabinet pull-out.

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Add Shallow Drawers: This is another idea for kitchen furniture storage. Replace your deep drawers with shallow drawers. When a drawer is deeper than the things you are storing, things pile up on each other, adding to disorganization.

Pot Racks: Pots take up a lot of space inside your cabinets. Storing them in stacks adds time and stress when trying to remove that pot stored between others. Use hanging racks to utilize empty wall space above the oven or on the side of cabinetry. Racks suspended from the ceiling are a practical and attractive use of wasted space.

Clean Out Cabinets: How often do you really use that sandwich iron? Grilling sandwiches in a skillet or griddle allows for you to cook more sandwiches for the family at a time and may have easier cleanup. Donate the sandwich iron, hot dog roaster and even unused plastic storage containers to your local charity thrift shop, freeing up valuable space for the things you frequently use.

Simple Kitchen Furniture Idea

Simple Kitchen Furniture Idea

Sometimes you need to get creative to come up with solutions to the lack of storage, but often the answers are there in front of you. You just have to look at the room with new eyes to envision the end results and find the uniqueness of the existing kitchen furniture storage.