How To Resurface Kitchen Cabinets Yourself

Resurface kitchen cabinets is a great option in case your cabinets still function better, but lack the overall beauty they once had. The entire impact, however, can be very dramatic. In case your cabinets are wood, you might like to strip the wood and apply a different color of stain or paint to refresh the feel of your kitchen. In the event the cabinets already are painted, you can not stain over them, but you can transform the color of paint to offer the room a new look.

Resurface Kitchen Cabinets Do YourselfResurface Kitchen Cabinets Do Yourself

Resurface Kitchen Cabinets Diy

So that you can work on resurface kitchen cabinets, you might need a screwdriver, sandpaper, stain, paint, and primer, depending on what material you choose to use. The very first thing you need to do is remove your cabinet doors from the face of the cabinet. Go ahead and take doors off their hinges. This is a good idea to number the doors for those who have a lot of different sizes which means you do not get confused when it’s time to reattach the doors.

After the doors are off the cabinets themselves, take the hardware off of the doors. Be sure you keep every one of the screws together in addition to any pulls or knobs. You might like to get out a plastic container or sack so these things are available if you are ready to reassemble the doors.

The real work begins. Sand the doors on front as well as the back. Use medium grade sandpaper and take any remaining debris off with a damp cloth. The particles will probably be visible when you restain or paint so you will want to make sure you have a clean surface prior to deciding to treat the wood.

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In case you are painting the doorway, apply a light coat of primer to one side and let it dry. If you are staining, go ahead and apply the stain. It is possible to next apply the paint or even the second coat of stain. If you prefer a shiny look that may protect the stain or paint for many years, varnish the wood following your paint or stain has dried.

When the process is complete, you can reassemble the doors and them back about the frames. You’ll likely be amazed on the affect resurface kitchen cabinets may have on your kitchen.

Resurface Kitchen Cabinets BeforeResurface Kitchen Cabinets Before

Resurface Kitchen Cabinets AfterResurface Kitchen Cabinets After

White Color Resurface Kitchen Cabinets Before And After

Resurface Kitchen Cabinets Laminate Before And AfterResurface Kitchen Cabinets Laminate Before And After

Resurface kitchen cabinets can give your kitchen area a fresh, new look and the process is pretty simple as well as cheap.