Cool Kitchen Pantry Design Ideas

Often, we forget to buy so many need food and appliances, kitchen when we are not wide enough. What’s the solution then? No need worried, just give a way for cool kitchen pantry design ideas.

Spacious Open Pantry

Spacious Open Pantry

Open shelves cabinets make your kitchen look larger. In addition, you also can easily access what you need.

On The Door Pantry

On The Door Pantry

Maximize your storage space, even on the inside of the pantry. Simple and not going to spend a lot of space. You can also categorize the items you want.

Walk In Pantry

Walk In PantryYou’ve got the rest of the empty space? Why not use a walk in pantry, let alone you have a lot of stuff. With open shelves and mini ladder, you can set up your kitchen with a neat and clean.

Glass Door Pantry

Glass Door PantryCabinet with glass doors can be your alternative. Store as well as showing off the contents of cabinets you can add an interesting decorative element.

Built In Pantry

Built In PantryNo need to bother to give a special room in the pantry, if your kitchen is full. Give it a built in room for a built in cabinet. Besides saving space, built-in cabinet is also a practical thing.

Built In Work Pantry

Built In Work PantryBuilt in cabinets as well as a kitchen where you work? An interesting idea. You can blend, or make something there without disturbing other kitchen activities.

Built In Multilayer Pantry

Built In MultilayerBuilt in multilayer provides easy settings of your range and style. In addition, the pantry has a large capacity so you can store many types of food you want.

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Built In Sliding Door

Built In Sliding Door PantryAlthough trivial, the cabinet door is also often the main attraction for your kitchen. Make it a sliding door pantry, large or small you can adapt them to the cabinet.

Between Kitchen and Dining Room Pantry

Between Kitchen and Dining Room PantryEmpty space corridor between the kitchen and dining room, also can be an alternative to your pantry. Save space while providing a decorative element.

Pantry and Loundry

Pantry and LaundryIf your kitchen cabinet next to the laundry room, just place your pantry adjacent to kitchen with washing machine. You do not need to worry, the quality of your food and groceries, will remain intact.

Kitchen pantry design ideas will help you arrange and organize your kitchen to be more neat, clean and stylish. The thing to remember is a pantry in the kitchen that used to be able to keep your goods and saves space.