Best Collections Of Quaker Maid Kitchen Cabinets

Quaker Maid was founded in 1937, a family company that has been experienced for 74 years. It is the cabinet design with different kinds of styles ranging from contemporary, traditional, European style to ecofriendly. Any variety of materials used is Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Alder, and Oak.

Quaker Maid Kitchen Cabinets Collection

NORFOLK (Paint in Hardwood)

NORFOLK (PAINT on Hardwood)This kitchen cabinet is painted in hardwood. It’s designed by Leslie Roosevelt, CKD. Dealer by Gilday Desing and Remodeling. Simple white cabinetwith dark countertops. Good masculine look that keeps the kitchen a bit lighter.

NORFOLK (Custom Paint in Hardwood)

NORFOLK (CUSTOM PAINT on Hardwood)Dealer by Lehigh Valley Kitchens. Designer is Kevin Mensch. Just another Norfolk series, but it’s in custom paint. All white is surrounding kitchen, beside the chairs. Looks so clean, neat and so bright. Put this collection to your mind if you are white-lover forever.


BERMAN (NATURAL on Red Birch)Dealer: Kitchen Direct, Inc. Designer: Gerard Rotell. This cabinet is made of red birch, in natural way. Displaying European style in simplicity. The top panel features twin door smoked glass inserts. And, while the top panel of the same seems to separate the two panels are pinned together and open as one.


CAMBRIDGE (STAIN on Red Birch)Dealer by Garth Custom Kitchens. Designer is Sam Owen. Designed from the oak cabinet kitchen with American stylethat blends perfectly in a unique character. Cabinet doors are made of maple wood and drawers with European style is a blend of warm.

CAMBRIDGE (STAIN on Quater Sawn)

CAMBRIDGE (STAIN on Quater Sawn White Oak)Dealer: Garth Custom Kitchens. Designer: Sam Owen. White oak is the right choice for this kitchen. Quarter-sawn cabinets Shaker style kitchen to turn this into something very special.

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Wall Street Kitchen Cabinet

WALL STREET (STAIN on Maple with Accent)

Maple cabinet doors and wrapped in a front panel PITTSBURGH, advanced technology described this kitchen. The incorporation of stainless steel and wood stained to look alluring and fascinating.

May the best collection of kitchen cabinets Quaker  Maid, inspire you, so you can create a kitchen that suits your desires. Be assured Quaker Maid offer elegant choices, beautiful and quality.