American Woodmark Kitchen Cabinets : A Lovely Furniture For The Kitchen

It is unquestionable that American Woodmark kitchen cabinets has had the name in designing good quality kitchen furniture with traditional Americana using high quality hardwood and sophisticated design. However, the total cost of remodeling or new designing the kitchen using the American Woodmark cabinets will be relatively more expensive than the other cabinets from various manufacturers, since the product of American woodmark is only in premium quality.

American Woodmark s Savannah Maple Butterscotch KItchen CabinetAmerican Woodmark s Savannah Maple Butterscotch Kitchen Cabinet

American Woodmark Kitchen Cabinets Overview

American Woodmark kitchen cabinets has one of main characteristic, it’s the easy design concept but full of functionality which can be used by everyone. You’ll find several types  and mixtures of the wood used starting from thermo foil, maple, cherry,  and also oak and hickory. When the cabinets provide the adequate space to save the things, kitchen will be a much more comfortable place to cook.

They also come with a lifetime limited warranty as long as they are regularly maintained. Regular maintenances are very easy to do. For general cleaning, simply wipe your cabinet down with a damp cloth or sponge. If there are tougher stains, remove them with a mixture of dishwashing detergent and warm water then dry all surfaces immediately.

Though American Woodmark kitchen cabinets has been famous for their quality, you are recommended to pay more attention to the few parts of the cabinets. First is about the cabinet box. Make sure that the boxes are pressure fitted and well glued. Besides, the box is double doweled and fastened to hold the components together. Second is about the drawers that are made by using the Dovetail construction standard which is used to insure the durable and longer lasting result. Last, pay attention on the doors that is durable to complete the perfect functionality of the entire cabinet parts. The solid wood frame will be made based on the desired designs, the amount of budget and also the customers’ taste.

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Savannah Maple American Woodmark Kitchen CabinetsSavannah Maple American Woodmark Kitchen Cabinets

American Woodmark Del Ray Kitchen CabinetAmerican Woodmark Del Ray Kitchen Cabinet

Commonly, cabinetry manufacturing produces a lot of carbon which is not friendly for environment. American Woodmark attempts to decrease the carbon presence and uses the green production principle that’s applied by using hardwood from sustainable forests. So, this effort will encourage the sustainability of forestry. @ American Woodmark Kitchen Cabinets : A Lovely Furniture For The Kitchen