Mini Kitchens For Home Maximize Your Space

In a small space, the kitchen is often summarized as a one low unit that consists of a sink, a mini stove, and a small space for storage. Even if you live in a small house, it doesn’t mean you should be deprived of a decorative kitchen even if it comes in a miniature version. To learn more about installing mini kitchens for home, we offer you two solutions: either to make the kitchen the spotlight of your interior or to make it almost invisible.

Decorative Mini Kitchen for Small HouseDecorative Mini Kitchen for Small House

If you decide to make your mini-kitchen part of your living space, then know that it would probably be the spotlight of your house, which means it should be attractive. Don’t think that because of its mini size, your kitchen can’t be decorative, you can give it a very chic look using some easy tips like defining its space by painting its wall a different color than the rest of the studio, or covering it in wallpaper decorated with stylish motifs. Also, you can decorate the doors of the cabinets with stickers or replace them by decorative fabrics, and never forget to add a few wall shelves on which you put your most beautiful dishes.

Mini Kitchen Ideas for Small HouseMini Kitchen Ideas for Small House

The other option is to hide the kitchen to better integrate it in your house. If your kitchen is built inside a corner, it is possible to hide it behind a sliding door. For a cheaper alternative, you can use curtains, and if the kitchen is not recessed, in this case go for a separation like a bottomless library, for example. Finally, if your studio has no kitchen, opt for an original solution with a cupboard that hides behind its doors a mini kitchen, which will save you more space and keep your kitchen invisible. The other ways is by having portable mini kitchens for home as these ideas below.

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Portable Mini Kitchens for Home

Field Kitchen IdeasField Kitchen Ideas

Field Kitchen – This Field kitchen, designed by Kanz, is an outdoor kitchen unit containing a cooking stove, cookware, field pantry and also an ice box. To sum it up, it is a complete kitchen system. made from high quality aluminum. It weighs light and at the same time has great durability. The aluminum top can be opened and folded back according to the requirement and it also acts as a windshield and the drawers enable the storage of light weight cookware items.

Contemporary Portable Kitchen IslandContemporary Portable Kitchen Island

Contemporary Portable Kitchen Island – The Bongos portable kitchen is a concept developed by the Emme Design Group. It helps you to prepare food both indoors as well as outdoors and it features a gas range, a sink with a tap and a storage space. The company also provides the customer with the facility of customizing your own Bongo mobile kitchen unit. It can also be used as a drink cart and a single burner trolley.

Mini Kitchen UnitMini Kitchen Unit

Mini Kitchen Unit – This clever mini kitchen by Joongho Choi is an ideal space efficient mobile portable kitchen fit for your small apartment. It has been smartly designed to look like a simple box but when unfolded, it opens up to a dining table along with a removable tray and a rack providing enough space to accommodate your cutlery and containers. It is a perfect pick for any single dweller of mini or small apartments.

Kitchen DrawerKitchen Drawer

Kitchen Drawer – Innovation means making what is impossible to be possible and Nojae Park did the same when he designed the Kitchen Drawer. The Electrolux Kitchen Drawer has mainly four parts: for cooking there is an electric stove, a steel warming plate for warming or preparing food, a mini fridge and also a dish drawer for the purpose of storage. It can also fit under your desk very easily so that you can have your food at your desk itself.

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Kitchen is the most essential part of our home and today a variety of compact, portable, decorative kitchens are catering to the space management issues and thus are in high demand in the markets. Those ideas of mini kitchens for home hopefully will help you to make your home look much neat and tidy with a touch of creativity.