Choosing Appropriate Compost Containers For Kitchen

Compost containers for kitchen are important stuff that you must put in your kitchen. However, you often underestimate the benefit of the containers, you considered them as a usual trash can, they merely have ultimate function that ordinary trash can does not have. You need the containers to change the organic garbage into useful fertilizers for your plants in your beautiful garden.

Most of people feel shy to use compost containers in their homes because they think that the containers will break the comfort of their homes. As we know, compost containers can be so smelly and dirty. Actually, you can avoid the containers to be smelly and dirty if you do the maintenance correctly.

composting microbial kitchen concept

You can eliminate the odor easily by emptying your container into the compost pile each day. You also must wash it using biodegradable soapy water. To prevent odor, it is suggested to use a tight filling lid container.

The basic preparation to make your container ready to use is filling it with any sort of organic kitchen scraps. For ordinary compost containers, you cannot use meat, bones, fat, or dairy products because these foodstuff needs special composting. If you cannot do the treatment, these foodstuff merely will cause odors as well as attract animals to your outdoor composter.

Here are some things that you can put in your compost container; coffee grounds, eggshells, fruit and vegetable peels, tea bags, and seeds from fruits and vegetables.

Types of Compost Containers for Kitchen

If you are kind of creative person and you have much leisure time, you can create your own compost container instead of purchasing commercial containers. However, if you think buying the containers is more effective, you can choose one of these containers below to put in your kitchen. These containers are not only functional, but also decorative for your kitchen.

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The first type compost container that you can use is compost crock. It is generally more attractive than other containers, but it is also heavier. Compost crock is a pottery container that has lids and functions to hold your compost in an attractive way until you can get it outside to compost pile. Some compost crocks have filters in them to eliminate possible odors.

apple design kitchen compost crockapple design kitchen compost crock

The second container you can choose is plastic container. It is usually cheaper and lighter compare than other containers. That’s why it is easier to handle when it is the time to take the compost to the compost pile. However, it has common problems that perhaps can disturb you; it can absorb and retain odors. Plastic container comes in various designs and colors.

plastic compost container for kitchenplastic compost container for kitchen

Stainless steel is the third type of common compost containers. It is lighter compare than pottery containers. It also does not absorb odors, so it is easier to keep clean. It is usually made to fit underneath the sink so that it is convenient when you want to clean your kitchen.

stainless steel compost crockstainless steel compost crock

Electrical composter is the next compost containers choice. It uses only 5 kWh per month to create compost right in your kitchen. This container can accommodate up to five pounds of food scraps a day and only in two weeks, you have got fresh compost for your plants. This container is exactly appropriate for you who live in townhouse and apartments where you usually may not have a yard at all. Because of this capability, it is more expensive than other containers. You have to prepare $300 to $400 to purchase it.

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electric kitchen composterelectric kitchen composter

The last type of common compost containers is microbial composter. It can create hot compost without electricity. You only need to add microbes to the food scraps and the microbes will breakdown the scraps and turn it into compost. The process will take approximately two weeks.

Whatever types you choose, by having compost containers for your kitchen you will help to take care of environment and make many plants will grow well.