Bokashi : A Unique Compost Container For Kitchen

Besides common types of compost containers, you can also choose Bokashi for your compost container. Actually, the system of Bokashi is almost same as microbial composter, the difference is located on the using of the kitchen scraps. Bokashi can use any kitchen scraps, both green waste and brown waste. Below are some reasons why Bokashi should be considered as your compost container choice.

Bokashi :  Compost Container for Kitchen With No Smell

Bokashi composting system is more than fermentation process compare than conventional composting process. Bokashi does not need air, that’s why it is odor free. Bokashi bin can be sealed, air tight and will not produce smelly aromas that can disturb your kitchen. If you are kind of simple person, Bokashi is exactly suitable for you, because you do not need to separate betweeb cooked foods, meat, fish or cheese. All waste is welcome in a Bokashi composter. You only need to add a bit of Bokashi bran and leave it to ferment.

Bokashi composting 120 L containerBokashi composting 120 L container

Bokashi Compost Bucket 15 LBokashi Compost Bucket 15 L

Any kitchen scraps you put in the Bokashi bin will stay in the Bokashi bin, that’s why there will no any gasses produced. It means that nutrients cannot escape and it is very useful for enrich your plant.  Moreover, the bin is so compact and takes less space in your kitchen. After a couple of weeks, the result of Bokashi’s fermentation can be used staright away in the garden and you do not need to have a large compost heap outside to recycle your kitchen waste.

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As mentioned above, Bokashi is airtight, that’s why organic waste will not rot in Bokashi bin. This creates Bokashi bin becomes an insect free compost container. Bokashi composting system is much quicker than conventional composting; it takes less than two weeks. This means that you can put the recycled nutrients to your garden and start filling the bin again more often than common compost container can do. In addition, because of all food scraps can be put in Bokashi, you will reduce much garbage to be put in your trashcan.  It will stop your garbage from smelling bad.

You can choose many types of common compost containers, or perhaps you will choose Bokashi composter in order to reduce your home waste. Your choice depends on  your needs and desire. However, it is recommended before you decide to purchase the container, you have to think of the functionality, appearance, price, capacity and durability to get the best container for your kitchen.