Unique Kitchen Tools For Hand Cooking

Some unique kitchen tools are unique in what they do and others are uniquely re-designed standard kitchen tools. Some hand tools have arrived in the kitchen from the do-it-yourself realm, others from the craft world and yet others are exclusive to cooking.



Microplane: Based on the woodworking tool, the Microplane is a grater which removes the outer, colored peel from fruits and skin from vegetables. It can also grate hard cheeses, chocolate and nutmeg bulbs. The different sizes of the holes in the grating plane determine how finely or coarsely the food is grated.

Blowtorch: Made popular by celebrity chefs on television cooking shows, the kitchen blowtorch is modeled on the D-I-Y tool. This kitchen tool runs on butane gas. The most well-known use of the blowtorch is to caramelize the sugar on top of a crème brulee. However, it also browns any food and even cooks anything that just needs searing or crisping.

Parisienne Scoop: This is the next choice for unique kitchen tools. It’s designed for scooping out balls or ovals (depending upon the shape of the scoop) of fruits or vegetables. The most common use is for creating melon balls for appetizers. The tool comes with two different sized scoops, one at each end of the handle. There is a small hole in the bottom of the scoop to let any juices run out. You can scoop any soft fruit or vegetable and even many other foods, such as cake and cheesecake. They also work well for scooping out the inside pulp and seeds of tomatoes.

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Batter Dispensers: For making perfectly sized pancakes, a batter dispenser is indispensable. There are several styles of dispenser, each with a cylindrical body that holds the batter and either a plunger or handle that releases just the right amount of batter every time. As the dispenser releases the batter, it forms a perfect circle in the skillet.

Pizza Cutter Scissors: For pizza lovers, there are pizza cutter scissors which make the task of serving pizza less messy. These are larger than ordinary kitchen scissors. While you still have to make the first cut of each slice with a knife or a pizza roller cutter, using these scissors will finish the task neatly.

Flipper 4-in-1 Measuring Spoon: This cooking essential won the 2008 kitchen hand tools best in category Housewares Design Award. Made from flexible thermal plastic rubber, the spoon has a bowl on each end of a handle which flips over to allow for four different standard measurements. This 4-in-1 measuring spoon replaces four others.

Batter Dispensers

Batter Dispensers

Regardless of their uniqueness, unique kitchen tools for hand cooking are only as useful as their effectiveness in doing their job.