Best Modern Kitchen Gadgets For 2013

Mentioned below we try to round up the cool modern kitchen gadgets and accessories to give your current cooking domain a modern tech makeover. The days are long and getting longer by the day. Facing the ordeal of cooking up a mid-winter meal after a hard day’s work is something we’d never wish to burden you with, which is why we have done all the chopping for you. We draw the line at washing up though. From the best coffee machines to the perfect orange juicers, we’ve served up some cutting edge kitchen appliances and gadgets, to cater for your culinary needs, and hopefully help you create Michelin-style grub.

Gallery of Modern Kitchen Gadgets

Best Grills Philips Avance Taste InfusionBest Grills Philips Avance Taste Infusion

Best Grills: Philips Avance Taste Infusion -This glorified barbecue lets you infuse your meat with lovely smoke, wine and herb flavors via the reservoirs at the back. Only the middle of the grill has the heat for proper charring, though the edges still come out very tasty. You can get it for only £95.

Salt Pepper With Battery Looksalt pepper with battery look

D-Cell Battery Salt & Pepper Shakers – This one of must have modern kitchen gadgets. Give your meals a boost with D-Cell Battery Salt & Pepper Shakers! See how much “power” (or pepper) you have left through the power indicator panels so you know when to “recharge.” Not available for sale just yet, these will eventually come in red and turquoise or black and white.

Portable Toaster Ideaportable toaster idea

Portable Toasters – We imagine the only way to really guarantee perfectly crisp toast is to toast your bread manually. How great would it be to eat a warm piece of toast on your commute on the train, even when you’re running late? This kitchen concept would be great to keep in your bag or desk and have toast whenever you want.

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Computer Cursor Oven Mits Ideacomputer cursor oven mits idea

Computer Cursor Oven Mitts – If you have trouble transitioning from using the computer to using the kitchen, this should help. Just “click” on your pots and pans and “drag” them to your stove to start cooking. Just make sure your food doesn’t overheat or your meal might crash.

Best Cookers Gorenje iChef+Best Cookers Gorenje iChef+

Best Cookers: Gorenje iChef+ – This touchscreen-controlled new oven cooks any of 65 pre-programmed meals for you, telling you when to add ingredients and cooking everything to perfection. There’s also space for up to 150 of your own specialties. Frankly, it’s so idiot-proof, even Come Dine With Me contestants can’t mess up.

Best Juicers OrangeX JupiterBest Juicers OrangeX Jupiter

Best Juicers: OrangeX Jupiter – This simple but effective clamp makes, er, mincemeat out of citrus. Halve the fruit before placing it on the plinth and pounding it with the pump-action handle for speedy fresh juice and a morning workout. Rinses clean with minimal bother. Get it for only £109.

Today’s technology change everyone’s lifestyle from fashion to home every one needs best things in their life such as using wooden furniture’s in home while all kitchen accessories are prepared with any furniture manufactures at cheap price and these technical modern kitchen gadgets adds more quality to them.